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Shawn Clark, leadership coach, calming his monkey mind on a mountaintop

Is your “Monkey Mind” sabotaging your leadership success?

The “Monkey Mind” represents the part of our brains that is more primal. You may have heard of the “fight or flight response” or the “amygdala hijack.” These refer to how our brains respond to threats in our environment. But even as life has become less “wild,” this system is still working away in the background, looking for threats. Unfortunately, in our modern world, we often label difficult situations as dangerous. This causes our brains to transition from “what’s best for my long-term success and happiness?” to “how do I survive right now?” This shift in focus is how the Monkey Mind can undermine you and derail your success as a leader.  Targeted leadership coaching can turn this around.

The Challenge

Like any “animal,” people play to their strengths. When a deer is threatened, it relies on its speed to escape harm. When a bear feels threatened, it depends on its strength to prevail. And when a smart person is threatened, they rely on their data to get them out of trouble. If someone is very social, they may call on their tribe to help them. You get the idea. The point is that when we are stressed, under pressure, or maybe just “hungry,” we may turn to one of our strengths and overuse it. And that’s what makes it so hard to identify. When we are using our strengths, it feels like the right thing to do. But if we are employing them in a negative way, we will damage our relationships, reputation, and accomplishments.

The Solution

Working with a trusted advisor (aka Monkey Mind wrangler), you’ll discover what’s getting in the way of your success in leading your team and navigating your career to higher levels of success. This outside perspective can be exceptionally valuable, especially when paired with a roadmap to extraordinary leadership and support to keep you on track.

Meet Shawn

I help disruptive leaders be more effective and less problematic. These leaders are smart, high-energy, and passionate — but sometimes their style is challenging for others. I also work with the teams they lead. These people are committed to doing meaningful work and want to rise above the clutter to accomplish more remarkable things. When led well and pulling together, they become more effective, consistent, and fulfilled — without the usual stress, overwhelm, and lack of work-life balance. I do this by helping them optimize their strengths, apply those strengths in a way that inspires others, and get the most important things done in a healthy and sustainable way.

Shawn Clark, certified teamwork and leadership coach


We coach leaders and teams to be more effective, balanced, and impactful by developing their executive skills and their mental fitness so they can perform at their best while also enjoying the ride.

Leadership Coaching

We coach leaders to performance by developing two key areas; their executive skills, and their executive thinking. Our clients increase their resilience, which allows them to become the effective, authentic leaders they always aspired to be. And we help leaders develop the most essential skills they need to be effective so they are not overwhelmed with work and training.

Team Coaching

Team culture is essential to business success, and we coach teams to succeed through the harmonious interplay of skilled individuals. By integrating proven organizational and team-building methodologies, our coaching instills the structure and values necessary for long-term team-based success. By developing both the team environment AND the people on the team, they grow at surprising rate.

Team Workshops & Retreats

In the hectic world of everyday business, there’s often little to no time for reflecting upon past achievements, lessons learned, team relationships, and overall values and principles. Our workshops and retreats provide an invaluable forum for grasping these bigger picture items, and for developing sound roadmaps for future endeavors. The right mix of insight, skills, and fun create the optimum environment for change.

Mental Fitness Programs

Mental fitness has now rightfully taken its place alongside physical fitness as a key component of overall health maintenance. For this reason, we offer the mental fitness and brain health programs that help leaders, teams, and organizations achieve and maintain optimum mental and emotional fitness. This gives them the energy, focus, and resilience they need to perform at their peak, and still have something left for their personal lives.

Book A Free 30-Minute Strategy Session!

We will clarify where things are at now, and where you need them to be.

We will explore the skills needed and the steps to take to reach the next level.

We will finish the call with a few clearly defined options that you can take.

Where Leadership Coaching Can Help

Leadership Effectiveness

Priority management
Leadership Dashboard
Change Management

Leadership Reputation

Conflict Transformation
360 Feedback
Behavioral Coaching
Organizational conflict

Career Building

Executive presence
Success in a new role
Strategic relationships
Strategic planning

Team Effectiveness


All of these areas are enhanced and made possible by developing your mental fitness. This allows you to operate at your best, and bring out the best in others.

Our Leadership & Teamwork Success Process

Step 1: Discovery

Step 2: Launch

Step 3: Coach

Step 4: Measure & Celebrate

Step 1: Discovery Process

We’ll start with a keen eye and a bit of data gathering to understand where you are now. We identify the most critical areas to focus on through a series of assessments, interviews, background info, and other research. We keep these to a minimum because we know you’re busy.

We identify strengths, blind spots, and gaps in executive skills that keep you where you want to be. It’s important to realize that this step is also about finding assets that may be underused or even hidden from you.

We do most of the work behind the scenes in this phase.

Max Lense
Max Rocket

Step 2: Plan & Launch

This step is where we share what we’ve found and have a candid conversation with you to determine what you might like to do to take charge and move in a better direction away from your “Monkey Mind.”

We conduct a kick-off orientation to review your strengths and gaps, identify your goals, develop your action plan.

We’ll get clear on the outcomes you’d like to achieve working with us in your team or leadership coaching, and you’ll know how to get there because we’ll have a success roadmap. We’ll work closely together here.

Step 3: Coach, Train, Facilitate

This is where you get to work and strengthen your mind while exercising new behaviors and ways of showing up. Over time, you will notice that Max will show up less and less, and your team and colleagues will see it too.

We’ll get this done through regular leadership coaching sessions, where you will make progress towards your goals, address challenges that have come up, and develop the mental fitness skills that allow you to perform at your best.

Along the way, we will do some measuring and adjusting to keep you on track towards your outcomes.

You’ll experience that effective leadership doesn’t have to come at the expense of your work-life balance, and it’s actually more fun and less stressful. A bonus is your team improves right along with you!

Leadership coaching is about training habits (Max the monkey lifting weights)
Max Winner

Step 4: Measure, Celebrate, and Level-up

We confirm you’ve done the hard work and have achieved the outcomes you set for yourself. We’ll do this by following up with the people around you and using other measurement tools as appropriate. You’ll know for sure that your growth is tangible and visible to others.

After a well-deserved break to savor your success, we can talk about where you might go from here. We can continue your upward trajectory or shake hands and part ways as friends knowing we’re always available to work with your team or other leaders in your organization.

Your Next Step

Are you intrigued about how we might be able to help you get past your Monkey Mind and discover new ways to be even more effective as a leader? Great! We’d love to help you right now with a resource that you can review and apply for some immediate benefits.

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Shawn Clark, certified teamwork and leadership coach

You’re also invited to schedule a complimentary 30-minute strategy call with our ace Monkey Mind coach (aka leadership coach), Shawn. You can come clean with Shawn and talk about how Max is getting in your way and get an idea or two to show up differently tomorrow. Click below to schedule this free session.

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