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Atlanta Leadership Development Course

Develop your leaders so they can bring out the best in their teams, and create measurable results with an efficient and affordable system.

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Take the guesswork out of developing your leaders by utilizing the neuroscience of leadership.

All leadership course options are currently conducted remotely.

Here’s what leaders tell us they want*

  • How do I measure or know I am improving?
  • How can I be the very best leader I can be every day?
  • How can I be more effective in coaching my direct reports?
  • How do I maximize the human capital under my span of control?
  • How do I influence people to move towards better results?
  • How can I inspire other leaders in my organization?

*actual survey results

How Leaders Get Better & Get Noticed

They Play to Their Strengths

A leader knows what they’re good at, and how to play to their strengths in any situation. They also know how to adapt their style as needed to bring out the best in others, and make sure the work gets done.

They Remove Their Blind Spots

A great leader knows that they have rough edges that are hard for them to see. They’re brave enough to ask for input and consistently work on them- selves, which creates greater respect for them.

They Build Strong Teams

Great leaders don’t wait around for the perfect people. They marshal the resources they have and inspire their people to operate at a higher level than even they thought they could.

They Coach Their Teams For Success

A true leader does more than manage work, they create a culture where their people are inspired to do their best work consistently. Teams don’t happen by accident; they are developed and elevated over time.

They Give and Get Consistent Feedback

Learning new ideas is fine, but it usually leads to overwhelm and a return to the status quo. But with a consistent system of feedback and accountability real change can happen, and be measured.


Are your leaders struggling with:

  • Pessimistic people on their teams?
  • Too busy to focus on team coaching?
  • Losing good people?
  • Plateauing in their careers and becoming frustrated?
  • Communication on their team, or between teams?
  • Poor communication on their team, or between teams?

What if there was a measurable, more efficient, and more effective way?

What your leaders will take away from this course.

Know what their unique strengths are, and how to maximize them.

Clearly identify anything that’s holding them back.

Know what influences each person on their team.

An understanding of the foundations of a great team.

How to effectively trouble-shoot any issues that arise on their team.

A process for mentoring their teams for consistent growth.

How to keep their best people engaged and effective.

How we help your leaders be better, and lead their teams more effectively.

Personal thinking styles assessment that identifies their strengths and leadership style.

A unique 360 process that is efficient and identifies the most beneficial area for the leader to develop.

Our Teamwork Compass model that gives them a blueprint for creating an amazing team culture.

A team diagnostic tool so they know exactly where their team needs the most attention.

A powerful but simple team coaching process.

A process for mentoring their teams for consistent growth.

How to keep their best people engaged and effective.

Leadership Course Modules

These modules can be delivered in a single immersive experience or spread out over time to allow for integrating the material more thoroughly.

Leaders Pre-Work Kit

Welcome Kit: Each leader receives a powerful self-study packet and video that walks them through why they want to be a better leader to ensure that they are in the program for their own reasons, and have a deep level of commitment to the process.

Thinking Styles Assessment: Each leader completes a comprehensive assessment of their thinking style. This reveals how they handle different situations, how they lead others, what works best for them, and what stresses them out. This is the foundational ingredient for the entire program. Assessment takes about 20 minutes via an on-line portal.

Module 1: Leadership Strength & Style

Each leader receives a comprehensive assessment of their thinking style, how that directs their leadership style, and how their style impacts the people on their team.

Module 2: Blind spots

By utilizing a combination of self-assessment and peer feed- back, participants clearly identify one key area to improve, and develop a support system for consistent progress.

Module 3: Teamwork Compass®

Leaders develop a strategy for supporting the core elements of a success on their team, and take situational leadership to a new level with a powerful team diagnostic tool.

Module 4: Team Mentoring

Your leaders will master the art of being a Team Coach. You’ll learn how to foster employee growth, job satisfaction, and get greatly improved results!


Each month your leaders will meet virtually to share successes, get support on any challenges, and hold each other accountable to their goals. Led by our expert team coaches, and supported with additional materials and videos, these sessions are the “secret sauce” to creating lasting, measurable change.

Who this course is for:

Leadership groups that are hungry for new ideas.

Leaders that don’t have a lot of time.

Leaders who have been through a lot of training and coaching and need something results driven.

Leaders that want to bring out the best in their people.

Leaders who are brave enough to look at their own behaviors and level up.

Leaders who are willing to hold themselves and each other accountable for 30 seconds a day, 5 minutes a week, and 30 minutes a month.

Who this course is NOT for:

Leaders who think the problem is everyone else.

Leaders who can’t handle honest feedback and proactive decisions.

Leaders that need to be rescued or are on their way out the door.

  • Thank you! Shawn is AWESOME!!

    Centers for Disease Control

    We, along with our leadership, were very pleased with yesterday’s event. Shawn did an exceptional job working with our group! We look forward to future opportunities to work with your organization as well.

    Georgia Department of Driver Services

    Shawn did a great job facilitating the session for our team members. He did a good job keeping the group engaged and providing learning experiences. The information will be very useful for our team members.

    Atlanta Hawks
  • Shawn had a great personality and worked very well with our entire mixed bag team

    Goodwill of North Georgia

    Shawn, I appreciate all you do! Your coaching and mentorship is getting us closer and closer to being the most powerful four person fire team, EVER!

    Cox Enterprises

    I would just like to say that today’s experience with Shawn was wonderful! He arrived at the perfect time (we were just wrapping up other exercises), he was energetic, prepared, very accommodating and helpful. We had a few snags... read more

  • As with last time, we found the activity to be very value added – we appreciated Shawn’s facilitation.


    Shawn was great! For what we needed, he was perfect. We loved working with you and look forward to more in the future.

    Intuitive Surgical

    Shawn was a great facilitator and he got people interested through his enthusiasm and great presentation of material. He engaged the team to a point where the participation of the team was positive and the team embraced the opportunity... read more

  • We had a fantastic time with Shawn and the other facilitators! They were great and we learned so much about ourselves.
    I’m sure you will receive more business from us in the future.

    The Coca-Cola Company

    Shawn was knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and great at engaging the group. The follow up tips/advice at the end of the session were also helpful. I already shared my experiences with my colleagues and forwarded the catalog of events.


    Shawn did an absolutely fantastic job for us. All were impressed.
    Notably, Shawn spoke to us, not at us. He did not try to be the center of attention, but actually facilitated our participation. He allowed...
    read more


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