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You became a leader because you want to be successful AND have an impact.

A truly transformational leader knows how to develop their skillset AND their mindset, and do the same for the people they lead. Having a great attitude without the right skills doesn’t work, just like being highly trained but looking at things through a negative or stressed viewpoint does not create sustained results. Real success for ourselves and our teams come from creating a mindset and culture where excellence, service, creativity, and performance can thrive. From this environment, a leader can have a powerful impact on their organization, the lives of their people, and beyond.

The Challenge For Today’s Leaders

The modern leader is no longer the ultimate authority or the one with all the answers. Today’s workforce is smarter and more independent than ever. Many leaders struggle to let go of old-school leadership techniques, causing both them and their teams a lot of frustration. Many employees expect to play a larger role, and will only do their best work.

The Solution

A leader can expand their ability to lead more effectively and more inspirationally. By honestly looking at both their left brain skill sets, and their right brain mind sets, they can bring out their own best perfor- mance, and set the stage for creating the optimum environment for their team to do their best work. This creates high productivity as well as high morale.

Meet Shawn Clark – Executive Thinking Coach

I began working with leaders in teams in 1993 because I believe that the place we can have the most impact in life is through our work. We spend more time with our coworkers than our families and friends. This means that if we can develop the skills and attitudes of ourselves and out people, we can all be more effective and more fulfilled. In working with over 3,000 teams over the last 20 years, I have seen the impact a positive work environment has on people, as well as the damage done by a toxic or even lackluster environment. I have searched and studied multiple coaching

Where Our Leadership Development Coaching Can Help

Our Efficient & Effective Leader Success Process

Step 1
Goals & Gaps

We’ll start with a keen eye and a bit of data gathering to understand where you are now. We identify the most critical areas to focus on through a series of assessments, interviews, background info, and other research. We keep these to a minimum because we know you’re busy.

We identify strengths, blind spots, and gaps in executive skills that keep you where you want to be. It’s important to realize that this step is also about finding assets that may be underused or even hidden from you.

We do most of the work behind the scenes in this phase.

Step 2
Plan & Launch

This step is where we share what we’ve found and have a candid conversation with you to determine what you might like to do to take charge and move in a better direction away from your “Monkey Mind.”

We conduct a kick-off orientation to review your strengths and gaps, identify your goals, develop your action plan.

We’ll get clear on the outcomes you’d like to achieve working with us in your team or leadership coaching, and you’ll know how to get there because we’ll have a success roadmap. We’ll work closely together here.

Step 3
Feedback & Support

This is where you get to work and strengthen your mind while exercising new behaviors and ways of showing up. Over time, you will notice that Max will show up less and less, and your team and colleagues will see it too.

We’ll get this done through regular leadership coaching sessions, where you will make progress towards your goals, address challenges that have come up, and develop the mental fitness skills that allow you to perform at your best.

Along the way, we will do some measuring and adjusting to keep you on track towards your outcomes.

You’ll experience that effective leadership doesn’t have to come at the expense of your work-life balance, and it’s actually more fun and less stressful. A bonus is your team improves right along with you!

Step 4
Measure & Celebrate

We confirm you’ve done the hard work and have achieved the outcomes you set for your- self. We’ll do this by following up with the people around you and using other measurement tools as appropriate. You’ll know for sure that your growth is tangible and visible to others.

After a well-deserved break to savor your success, we can talk about where you might go from here. We can continue your upward trajectory or shake hands and part ways as friends knowing we’re always available to work with your team or other leaders in your organization.

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