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Atlanta Challenge leadership courses empower leaders to effectively guide their teams, drive organizational success, and advance their careers with confidence.

Which Leadership Course Is Right For Your Leader’s Growth?

Our expertly crafted leadership courses empower your leaders to work seamlessly together,
enhance collaboration, elevate communication, and foster a positive, thriving work environment.

Leadership Academy
Empowering leaders to effectively guide their teams, advocate for their team’s and stakeholders, drive organizational success, and advance their careers with confidence.
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Influence Academy
Communication and collaboration skills for teams and leaders who want greater influence, support, and recognition so they can help their organizations succeed, advocate for their teams, and advance their careers.
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How the courses are crafted:

Shawn Clark – Certified Teamwork & Leadership Coach

I have worked with leaders and their teams for over 25 years, and I’ve seen it all. And I confess, I would deliver programs that people loved, but I knew that things would go back to the way they were within days, or even hours, after I left. The trick is this; changing people’s behavior is hard. Getting people to change their behavior long-term is even harder. For a team to do better consistently over time, they need to operate differently. The good news is that all they need are a few core concepts to focus on, not 101 rules that will be overwhelming and soon forgotten.

After years of searching and trying out various approaches, I found an effective method of team coaching that is simple, time-efficient, cost-effective, and delivers MEASURABLE results on a long-term basis. When I first heard about it, it sounded too good to be true. So I did my homework. I read the reviews. I examined the research behind the method. I talked with leaders that have done it. I became a believer. I went through the certification process and I have tested it with groups. The results are fantastic. Teams appreciate the simplicity of the system and the impact it has on their team.

Every step of the way, we’re here to help you unlock your team’s full potential, achieve outstanding results, and find fulfillment in your professional and personal life. And throughout this journey, we’ll infuse it with excitement and camaraderie. Who says team building can’t be fun?
Portrait of Shawn Clark – Atlanta Challenge, LLC founder

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