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Empowering leaders to effectively guide their teams, advo- cate for their team’s and stakeholders, drive organizational success, and advance their careers with confidence.


Meet Shawn Clark,
owner and founder of Atlanta Challenge, and Certified Executive Coach

For 30 years, I’ve been immersed in the world of leadership development, witnessing firsthand the challenges and triumphs of leaders and their teams. I’ll admit, I’ve seen my fair share of programs that garnered immediate praise, only to see old habits resurface shortly after. The truth is, changing behavior is no easy feat, and sustaining those changes over the long haul is even tougher. But here’s the secret: it’s not about giving leaders endless rules; it’s about instilling a few core concepts that drive lasting transformation.

After years of exploration and experimentation, I discovered a revolutionary approach to leadership development that ticks all the boxes: simple, time-efficient, cost-effective, and, most importantly, delivers measurable, sustainable results. Skeptical at first, I delved into the research, spoke with seasoned leaders, and put the method to the test myself. The verdict? It’s the real deal. The simplicity of the system coupled with its profound impact on teams is remarkable.

This method isn’t a magic pill—it requires dedication and commitment. But for those willing to invest the upfront effort and stay the course, the payoff is monumental. The change is palpable, the growth is tangible, and the results are trans- formative. If you’re ready to take your leadership team to the next level, this is the path forward.

Certified Leadership Coach
Certified Teamwork Coach
Marshall Goldsmith / Stakeholder Centered Coaching

Certified Executive Coach
Certified Team Building Coach
Center For Executive Coaching

Certified Mental Fitness Coach
Positive Intelligence

Certified Life Coach
Anthony Robbins / Robbins International

Certified Thinking Styles Practitioner
Herrmann International

Certified Brain Health Trainer
Dr. Daniel Amen / Amen Health

Portrait of Shawn Clark – Atlanta Challenge, LLC founder

Who this program is right for

  • Individuals looking to develop and refine their personal leadership skills.
  • Leaders aiming to enhance team performance and cohesion.
  • Managers seeking strategies to engage and motivate their employees.

Why this program is needed

  • Leadership is a Skill, Not Just a Title: Effective leadership goes beyond merely holding a position of authority. It requires continuous learning, development, and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances. This program emphasizes that true leadership is an ongoing journey of growth and improvement.
  • Many Leaders Do Not Have Formal Training: Many leaders rise through the ranks based on their technical skills or performance without ever receiving formal training in leadership. This gap can lead to ineffective management and missed opportunities. Our program fills this critical gap, providing the foundational and advanced skills needed to lead with confidence and competence.
  • Each Level of Leadership Requires Different Skills: As leaders progress in their careers, they encounter new and complex challenges that require distinct skills. This program addresses the evolving demands of leadership, equipping leaders with the specific tools and strategies necessary for success at every stage of their journey.

What this program delivers

  • Powerful Insights: Gain deep, actionable insights into your personal leadership style and organizational impact. Our program helps you understand your strengths and areas for growth, enabling you to lead more effectively and authentically.
  • Practical Tools & Skills: Acquire a robust set of practical tools and skills that can be immediately applied to enhance your leadership capabilities. From strategic decision-making to effective communication, our course provides the resources you need to drive real-world results.
  • Peer and Coach Feedback & Accountability: Benefit from a supportive network of peers and an experienced coach who provide constructive feedback and accountability. This collaborative environment ensures continuous improvement, helping you stay on track with your leadership development goals.


Effective leadership goes beyond a “can do” attitude; it requires the ability to inspire, guide, and uplift others. This comprehensive 12-module leadership course is designed to transform aspiring and seasoned leaders into influential and effective agents of change. Each module offers targeted objectives to enhance leadership capabilities, from personal mastery to team management and organizational influence. Each module is approximately 2 hours.


In the journey of leadership, mastery begins with self-awareness and personal growth. The “Lead Your Self” section is dedicated to empowering leaders to cultivate resilience, enhance productivity, and define their unique leadership identity. Through introspection and skill-building exercises, participants will uncover the essential disciplines and habits that pave the way for sustained excellence in their professional journey.

Module 1 - Leader Profiles & Leadership Dashboard

Learn the fundamentals for building a more positive mindset for yourself and for your team. Identify problematic sabotage patterns, and practice some simple exercises that create a lifetime of fulfillment.


  1. Build a positive mindset and resilience for both personal and team success.
  2. Recognize and eliminate self-sabotage patterns.
  3. Practice exercises to foster long-term fulfillment and resilience.

Module 2 - Mastering Resilient Leadership

Uncover the secret sauce to effective leadership. Dive deep into proven disciplines, behaviors, and habits that successful leaders embody, providing a blueprint for sustained excellence in your career.


  1. Identify and embody the core disciplines, behaviors, and habits of successful leaders.
  2. Create a personalized leadership dashboard to track and sustain your professional growth.
  3. Develop a blueprint for consistent leadership excellence.

Module 3 - Taking Control of Time & Productivity

Conquer the challenges of multiple priorities. Discover time management techniques tailored for leaders, enabling you to regain control, boost productivity, and achieve work-life balance.


  1. Master time management techniques tailored for leadership roles.
  2. Regain control over competing priorities to enhance productivity.
  3. Achieve a sustainable work-life balance.

Module 4 - Personal Branding & Executive Presence

Clearly and powerfully define who you are as a leader, and demonstrate that presence in even the most difficult situations. Essential skill for building momentum and success in your career


  1. Define and articulate your unique leadership brand.
  2. Demonstrate executive presence in challenging situations.
  3. Leverage your personal brand to build momentum and success.


Module 5 - Focus Your Team - Teamwork Compass

Identify the core areas that your team needs to focus on, and develop strategies for effectively keeping your team on track, motivated, and empowered—so you can spend less time in the weeds.


  1. Identify key focus areas for your team’s development and success.
  2. Develop strategies to keep your team motivated and on track.
  3. Empower your team to reduce managerial micromanagement.

Module 6 - Engage and Mobilize Employees

Transform your team into a motivated powerhouse. Learn strategies to engage and mobilize employees, fostering a collaborative, high-performance culture that drives collective success.


  1. Learn techniques to transform your team into a motivated, high-performance unit.
  2. Foster a collaborative culture that drives team success.
  3. Implement strategies to maintain high employee engagement.

Module 7 - Create a High-Performance Culture

Develop a culture that drives excellence, setting the stage for collective achievements that elevate everyone to new heights as you prepare for the grand culmination of your leadership journey


  1. Develop and sustain a culture of excellence within your team.
  2. Set the stage for collective achievement and elevated performance.
  3. Prepare your team for the culmination of your leadership journey.

Module 8 - Pragmatic Situational Leadership

This session provides leaders with the insights and tools they need to quickly identify their team’s current situation, adapt their style accordingly, and deliver leadership that is on target


  1. Gain insights into assessing and adapting to your team’s current situations.
  2. Apply situational leadership techniques to meet team needs effectively.
  3. Deliver targeted leadership to drive optimal results.


As leaders ascend in their careers, the scope of their influence expands to encompass broader organizational goals. The “Lead Your Organization” section focuses on equipping leaders with the strategic vision and influence needed to drive organizational success. From mastering the art of persuasion to navigating complex strategic landscapes, participants will gain the skills and confidence to shape decisions, inspire action, and create lasting impact within their organizations.

Module 9 - Influence with Impact

Unleash the power of your influence. Understand the nuances of impactful influence and persuasion, enabling you to shape decisions, inspire action, and create a lasting impact within your organization.


  1. Understand and harness the nuances of influential leadership.
  2. Shape decisions and inspire actions within your organization.
  3. Create a lasting impact through effective persuasion techniques.

Module 10 - Building Strong Professional Relationships

Explore strategies for building strong professional relationships, ensuring a supportive network that propels your career forward and enhances your leadership influence.


  1. Explore strategies for cultivating strong professional networks.
  2. Enhance your leadership influence through supportive relationships.
  3. Propel your career forward with a robust professional network.

Module 11 - Strategic Planning

Navigate the strategic landscape with confidence. Master the art of strategic planning, creating a roadmap that aligns organizational goals with your leadership vision, setting the stage for sustainable success.


  1. Master the art of strategic planning for organizational success.
  2. Align your leadership vision with organizational goals.
  3. Develop a sustainable roadmap for long-term success.

Module 12 - Graduation

Celebrate your achievements and step into your leadership legacy. As you take your newfound skills into the community, you’ll inspire others to embark on their transformative journey, creating a ripple effect of positive leadership.


  1. Celebrate your leadership achievements and milestones.
  2. Apply your newfound skills to inspire and lead within your community.
  3. Create a ripple effect of positive leadership and legacy building.

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