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Leaders get better by adding a few good ideas, and a lot of awareness.

Excellent leadership training seminars deliver what most leaders need - a deeper understanding of their people and how to support them.

For a team to be successful, they need an effective leader. This requires two main ingredients: understanding the core mechanics of an effective team, and how to work with people in a way that brings out their best qualities on a consistent basis. This ensures that they will reach the team’s goals while taking care of the people on the team. Our leadership development workshops focus on these key areas using tools that help your leaders implement – not just know – these skills.

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Private leadership development workshops for your group – anywhere in Atlanta or GA, and virtual options.

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How our leadership development workshops help

Address Essential Strengths & Opportunities With Peer Feedback.

Every good leader wants to know what they are doing well, and what they need to improve. 360 peer feedback helps focus on each participant’s strengths and weaknesses in leadership skills as perceived by their colleagues, which has concrete carry-over into the workplace.

Understanding Personal Leadership Style and Team Member Styles.

Each of us has our own personal style of operating, which impacts our behavior, preferences, and needs.  When leaders have a clearer understanding of their own style, they will better understand how they impact others.  Also understanding the needs of people on their team helps leaders adapt their style when necessary. This creates happier leaders, more effective teams, and better results.

Simple, Cutting-Edge Tools Integrated Into Every Aspect Of Our Programs.

Many other experts offer a long list of characteristics and skills needed for successful leadership. Our founder and president, Shawn Clark, has distilled these laundry lists into easy-to-use tools and metaphors such as the Teamwork Compass(R). These deceptively simple tools are easy for a leader to remember, utilize, and teach to their people, and also adaptable enough to be applied to almost any situation at varying levels of complexity.

Let Us Help Your Team Leaders Grow.

Whether you want to incorporate some of our leadership activities into your existing leadership development program, or have us provide an ongoing program to improve leadership skills, we can help. Contact us by completing the form on our contact page, or give us a call at 404-848-1001 so we can learn more about your group and how we can meet your needs.

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