Effective, Fun Team Building Activities at Reasonable Rates for Groups of 50 to 300 People

Team building takes many forms. Whether you are looking for a team development workshop, developing teamwork skills, or a fun team building activity, we will help you find great options that fit your group’s style, schedule and goals. Atlanta Challenge will then deliver a professionally-facilitated team building program at the location of your choice in metro Atlanta or beyond.

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Download a PDF showing a overview of our Atlanta corporate team building programs for 50-300 people, with pricing.  Click here or on the button below to download PDFs with complete details and pricing for small group team building activities.

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Free 30-minute Brainstorm Session

In this free 30-minute call, you will talk with our lead facilitator who designs all of our events and runs all of the large group programs. He will talk with you about what you want your group to get out of the event, review details about the venue and the agenda so that we know what will affect the event, talk a little about the participants so that we know what tone is appropriate, and then chat about some possible activities that may be a good fit. After the call we will send you a PDF with a few program suggestions and the specific rates. This call can be one-on-one or with your planning committee.

Corporate team building activities for collaboration

How We Support Your Atlanta Team Building Event

Tips for Selecting a Great Team Building Activity.

A team building event can only be GREAT for your team if it’s the right FIT for your team. With over 15 years of experience running Atlanta team building activities, we have learned what makes an event work, and what causes them to be flat. Here are three key criteria for choosing a team building that will be a fantastic experience for your group.

Have Clear Team Building Goals

Are you focusing on building a team culture, developing specific teamwork skills, or simply having fun? A scavenger hunt will work well for building camaraderie, but if your goal is to develop a deeper appreciation for differences between team members and aid communication, one of our workshops is a better fit.

Decide Which Event Format is Best

Once you know “why” you’re doing a team building program, you need to identify what style of program is best. Do you want your event to be more active or more mild-mannered? Do you want more of a lecture-style presentation of information, or a more hands-on, interactive program? Do you need to stay indoors, or do you want to get outside for a while? Also consider what is happening before and after the team building program to help make this determination. An outdoor event may not flow well immediately following a meeting with a business casual dress code, but an indoor program may be perfect. We have many options in each category so that you can get the perfect fit for your team building day.

Focus the Program on the Needs of Your Team

fully-facilitated conference activitiesYour team is unique, your event should be too. What current issues are effecting your team? Are there any physical limitations, schedule demands or other criteria to consider? Do you want to incorporate any of your own content into the program in order to make the event even more effective? Take a look at our event planning forms if you need additional ideas.

Let Us Make Team Building Easy for You

Let Us Make Team Building Easy for You.

If you are considering a team building activity for your group, let us help! Choose one of these options:

  • Download PDFs with details and pricing. These are great if you want an idea of what is available for your group size and how much it would cost. Click here to download.
  • Browse the team building activities at the bottom of this page. There, you will find everything we offer to groups this size, with details. Use the filters to narrow down your options to just programs that fit your schedule and preferences.
  • Contact us for a hand-picked list of team building ideas. If you are in a hurry or just don’t know where to start, fill out the form on this page or call us at 404-848-1001. We will learn a bit more about your group, then email you a hand-selected list of 4-8 team building ideas.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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Need Team Building Ideas Without a Lot of Effort?

There are so many team building options that it can seem overwhelming. Let us save you time!  Share a bit of information about your group, and our staff will hand-select 4-6 programs that would be a great fit for your event. For expert help selecting the right team building, complete the form on this page, book a brainstorm call, or call us at 404-848-1001.