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Exciting and Effective New Year Kick Off Meeting Activities

Our hands-on team development programs and virtual team building activities are a great way to build morale, sharpen skills, and get focused for the New Year for groups from 5 to 500.

Teams and leaders all over Atlanta are benefiting from our cutting-edge “skillset + mindset” approach. Simply put, successful teams and leaders know what to do AND do what they know. Start 2023 off on the right foot with an impactful session that will get your group ready for an amazing year.

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Atlanta Challenge Team Development Programs
Leadership Development Programs with Atlanta Challenge

Which New Year or Sales Kick-off Team Building Activity Should We Choose?

When the holidays are done, you want to get your team re-energized and moving forward, but it can be challenging for people to regroup after so much distraction.  We have been helping companies get their year off to a great start for 18 years. Below are the team building activities we have found work best at a New Year Kick Off meeting.  Still meeting virtually or in a hybrid event?  Many of our programs offer a virtual option.

Start by deciding which type of activity best fits your New Year Kick Off meeting.

New Year Leadership Development Programs

After the bustle of the holidays, a New Year kick off meeting is a great time to refocus.  We have expanded our menu of workshops and coaching to help leadership groups be more effective and fulfilled in 2023.

Understanding Leadership Styles

  • Leadership Profiles
  • Think Like A Leader

Leadership Development Workshops

  • Leading Change
  • The Situational Leader
  • Employee Engagement
  • Priority Management
  • Resilient Leaders
  • Empowering Your Team
  • Critical Thinking
  • Team Accountability
  • Problem Solving Process

Custom Leadership Support

  • Leaders’ Mastermind
  • Leadership Retreat
  • One-on-one Leader Coaching

Hands-On Leadership Activities

  • The 360 Challenge
  • Driven To Succeed
  • Taking Flight
  • Leadership Quest
  • Leadership Path

New Year Kickoff Meeting Activities for Effective Teamwork

Teams have been through a lot the last few years. Whether as part of a New Year kick off meeting, another existing group event, or an independent part of your organization’s strategy for success, we can help your team get 2023 off to a great start in one of these impactful programs.

Understanding Personal Teamwork Styles

  • Team Profiles Workshop
  • Think Like a Team

Teamwork Development Workshops

  • Team Accountability
  • Team R.E.S.P.E.C.T.
  • Team Innovation
  • Team Foundations
  • Team Communication
  • Team Problem Solving
  • Team Trust & Conflict
  • Time Management for Teams
  • Critical Thinking for Teams

Team Wellness

  • Team Resilience
  • Brain Fit For Work & Life

Custom Team Support

  • Team Retreats
  • Team Coaching
  • Monthly Team Mastermind

Hands-On Team Building Activities

  • Driven To Succeed
  • Taking Flight
  • Teamwork Quest
  • Teamwork Trek

Just for Fun Team Building Activities

  • Escape Room
  • Game Show
  • Murder Mystery Team Networking
  • App-Based Scavenger Hunts (many locations)

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