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After the holidays, many of our Atlanta area clients bring their group together to get refocused and re-energized at a New Year kick off meeting. Our hands-on team building activities are a great way to help your team improve the skills and cohesion they need to succeed no matter what economic challenges 2020 throws at them.

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What Kind of Impact Does Your New Year Kick Off Meeting Need?

When the holidays are done, you want to get your team re-energized and moving forward, but it can be challenging for people to regroup after so much distraction. We have been helping companies get their year off to a great start for 15 years. Below are the team building activities we have found work best at a New Year Kick Off meeting. Start by deciding which type of activity best fits your New Year Kick Off meeting:

Kick Off Meeting Activities to Refocus Your Team

After the bustle of the holidays, a New Year kick off meeting is a great time to refocus. A team development workshop or hands-on teamwork skills activity is an effective way to get everyone thinking about how they can improve in the new year.

  • 1-Hour Team Building – Many of our clients have limited time in their agendas for team building. These 45-60 minute activities are designed for tight schedules.
  • Think Like a Team – Incorporate learning into your New Year kick off meeting with a team development program about thinking styles, communication styles, and appreciating what others bring to the team.
  • Team Innovation – If what your company needs this year is innovation, let us help launch that new mindset at your kick off meeting. This innovation workshop helps expand your teams capacity to think differently.
  • Team Leader Gauntlet – Team leaders need to refocus in the New Year, too. This program gives team leaders tools for helping their teams succeed, and helps them get feedback on what skills they bring to the table, and which may need improvement.
Motivational Sales Meeting Activities

One of the biggest barriers to successful sales is silos at work. But few people are motivated by another lecture about the importance of working together. Our hands-on teamwork challenges get groups energized with some friendly competition or humor while highlighting the dangers of silos in the workplace and the importance of teamwork and sharing information. Looking for a more personally motivational experience? Our Unstoppable program helps each team member (or leader) overcome their own inner barriers to success with a board breaking experience.

  • Driven to Succeed – Our most popular New Year kick off meeting activity, this program has all of the fun and energy of a competition while emphasizing teamwork and breaking down silos.
  • Furious Birds – Improve teamwork while competing to build the best catapult and knock down as many pigs as possible.
  • Communication Improv – Open the minds of your team to new ideas with a fun, interactive improvisation event. Great for improving collaboration and creativity.
  • Teamwork Quest – One of our most popular and impactful programs, Teamwork Quest helps small groups level up their group dynamics in a powerful way using hands-on activities.
Enhance Team Bonding for a Spirit of Togetherness

One of the most important elements of a successful team is a sense of trust and being able to rely on one another. Sometimes teams need to revisit their code of conduct and do a bit of deep work, and sometimes they just need a forum for understanding one another better and overcoming some teamwork challenges together. We can help build that sense of camaraderie and trust as part of your New Year kick off meeting.

  • Team RESPECT – If your team struggles a bit, this team building can help them identify some of the rough spots, and agree on how to work on them.
  • Team Evolution – Get your workgroup or department of up to 35 people laser-focused on the same targets for 2019. Modules are customized for your group’s needs. Meshes perfectly with our Team Coaching program.
  • Some Assembly Required – A great way to start the New Year giving back, while gaining an appreciation of coworkers’ perspectives and improving communication.
Commit to Ongoing Success with Coaching

Your January kick off meeting is a great time to commit as a team or individual leaders to improving throughout the year. Our Team and Leadership Coaching programs help you stay focused and improve over time with minimal time investment, which is the best route to long-term success. Call for more information about our coaching programs.

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This team is nothing but the best. They are so accommodating and made sure we had the best possible experience for our “Furious Birds” exercise. They went over and beyond to coordinate with the hotel we were working with and they take leadership and follow through to the next level. I will definitely be using them again when I am in Atlanta for business again!

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We booked Atlanta Challenge for a Sales Team building exercise. They did a great job and were well organized. We have used them multiple times by now and we can recommend them for a fun and engaging event.

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Our office holiday party was a Scavenger Hunt at Fernbank coordinated by Atlanta Challenge, LLC. It was a smashing success! HIghly recommended!

M. Robles
Company Name

Thank you Shawn and crew for a flawless event from beginning to end. As the event coordinator you thought of every detail from big to small. The bike build was a success and impactful to see that the bikes were going to a good cause. Meeting the National Guardsmen was the icing on the cake. What a great way to wrap up the event! Thank you!