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Atlanta Team Building Activities for 5-50 People

High-quality, affordable team building activities for groups of 5-50 people at any location in metro Atlanta or Georgia. Rates online.

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Great Team Building Activities for Groups of 5 to 50 People at Reasonable Rates

We understand how important team building is for small groups. Taking time away from your work is a big decision, so we make planning your Atlanta team building event as easy as possible, and make sure the event delivers real value for your team.

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3 Ways Atlanta Challenge Team Building Takes Great Care of Teams Up to 50 People.

Many team building companies don’t want to be bothered with “small groups,” or they charge a ridiculous minimum fee. But at Atlanta Challenge, we love small groups! In small group team building activities, each person gets more direct involvement and benefits more from the experience. Here are 3 main ways we take great care of your group:

1. Atlanta Challenge has great team building pricing

Smaller groups usually don’t have a big budget for their team day. We help stretch your budget by delivering rock-solid fully-facilitated activities in a variety of formats. And since we are based right here in Atlanta, we don’t have the huge overhead of an out-of-town company. Be careful! A lot of those guys rent a mailbox in Atlanta, but no one actually lives here. Atlanta Challenge is a local team building company with all local staff. This means we can keep our rates low, adapt to changes easily, give you better advice on what programs will work best at your location (because we’ve probably already been there!), and even recommend locations that can help you avoid burning up all your team building time fighting traffic.

2. We can bring team building activities to you

Atlanta Challenge Team Building is based here in Atlanta. For the convenience of our clients, most of our programs are portable, and we can bring your team building event to your office, hotel, a local park, or any other site, often for less than the national guys charge for an event-in-a-box. Click to see some of our Atlanta and Georgia team building locations.

3. Atlanta Challenge has customer-friendly policies

a challenge-based team building activity with a ball and ropesBeing a local team building company means we can respond to changes quickly, even if the weather or other challenges disrupt your schedule. Some companies charge you 100% of their fee if you cancel 30 days in advance. At Atlanta Challenge you only pay 100% if the cancellation is within 72 hours of your event. Less than two weeks’ notice is only 50% non-refundable. If cancelled up to 2 weeks in advance, we only charge 50%, and half of that can be applied to a new date if you reschedule within 6 months. You can cancel up to 3 weeks before the program with no penalty at all!

Our inclement weather policies are also customer-friendly. We encourage groups scheduling an outdoor team building event to select an indoor back-up program. Our client chooses just a few days before the program if they want to run the outdoor event or the indoor backup program, or reschedule to another date with a small reschedule fee.

Let Us Make Team Building Easy for You.

If you are considering a team building activity for your group, let us help! Choose one of these options:

  • Download PDFs with details and pricing. These are great if you want an idea of what kinds of team building activities are available for small groups and how much it would cost. Click here to download.
  • Browse the team building activities at the bottom of this page. There, you will find everything we offer to small groups, with details. Use the filters to narrow down your options to just programs that fit your schedule and preferences.
  • Contact us for a hand-picked list of team building ideas. If you are in a hurry or just don’t know where to start, fill out the form on this page or call us at 404-848-1001. We will learn a bit more about your group, then email you a hand-selected list of 4-8 team building ideas.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Not sure where to start? Our expert team can help!

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Download one of our many idea packets, or request a custom quote with hand selected ideas just for your group:

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  • We booked "Some Assembly Required" at our facility. Our facilitator Justin was amazing! He helped us get our group to work together and explained why we did the things we did. Our group had a lot of fun. We look forward to using Atlanta Challenge again!

    Sue H.

    Our office holiday party was a Scavenger Hunt at Fernbank coordinated by Atlanta Challenge, LLC. It was a smashing success! HIghly recommended!

    m. r.

    Our small group had a great time with the murder mystery we incorporated into our holiday party. We are still a new team and the activity kept our conversation off of work and provided a way for spouses to get involved. Very well done.

    Michelle F.
  • Atlanta Challenge came in and did a team building event for our annual kickoff. They were great and supplied everything! Time ran a little short towards the end, but they were able to bring a charity representative and our team loved it! We will definitely use them again.

    Chelsea E.