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Our Atlanta team building events help teams get to know each other while having a great time.

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Now, more than ever, groups need to spend time refining how to work together, improving communication, and bonding. Atlanta Challenge has run fun & effective team building activities in Atlanta and Georgia for 20 years. And as a local company, we know Atlanta.

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Teamwork Trek
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Questions To Help You Plan Your Team Building Activity

What is your goal for the team building activity?

Your reason for wanting to do team building is unique to your team. To ensure that the activity gives you the result you want, first consider the goal you have. Do you want to encourage better communication skills, break down silos, or improve general group dynamics? Do you see a need for more team bonding? Are you trying  to break up a long day of meetings, support  networking, or celebrate a success? Would you like to drive home an important idea with a hands-on experience that reinforces it? Each of these outcomes are met in slightly different ways.  Better clarity on what you want out of the activity enables us to better hit your target result.

How much movement fits your group for the team building activity?

There is a balance between variety and expectation in regard to activity levels. If your group has been sitting down in sessions all day, they may welcome the chance to move around the room and no longer be locked into their chair. Professional attire may make some participants uncomfortable with programs requiring a lot of walking, certain types of movement, or getting on the floor, however.

Let us know what is happening before and after your team building event and how people will be dressed, and we can help you find activity ideas to help your people feel comfortable.

What space will be available for your team building?

Different team building activities work well in different spaces. Trying to force a program into a space it doesn’t quite fit tends to make everyone uncomfortable. Changing the room setup is often an option, but can be costly and takes valuable time out of what is often already a packed schedule.

Instead of deciding to “make do” with an activity that is not quite right, find a program that needs the space you have. How will your room be set up? Do you have access to additional space, such as prefunciton areas, breakout rooms, or outdoor patios or courtyards? We would be happy to walk you through some options that will work well with whatever space and set-up you have.

How long would you like your program to be?

Knowing in advance how long you are able to dedicate to your team building activity will narrow down the options. We have found that 2 hours is a perfect amount of time for the experience of most groups, though some engaging programs need 3 hours. If you have a tighter schedule, we have many options that work well in 60-90 minutes.

We also design our programs to be flexible when possible. This means that if you find your schedule has changed last minute and there is a bit less time for team building than you originally planned, we are prepared for that and can adapt on the fly as needed.

Do you prefer an outdoor or indoor team building activity?
An activity can be very active or more relaxed in both indoor and outdoor settings, but dress code, weather, group size and location will determine what flows well. Outdoor events typically need more time, both at the event as well as travel to and from the location, even if it’s just outside at your hotel.

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Teamwork Trek
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