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Give back to the community with charity team building events to improve team bonding and raise morale.

Atlanta charity team building programs, also called corporate social responsibility activities, are popular for a reason—working together towards a common goal that is bigger than the team has tremendous power. A group that sees how their efforts impacts others is re-energized and focused like never before, and they have a lot of fun doing it. Our charity team building events bring these benefits to your group anywhere in Georgia.

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4 Important Questions to Consider When Planning a Charity Team Building Event

What style of charity team building activity fits the rest of your event?

Consider what demeanor you want your program to have. Is the bulk of the day seated? Would the group appreciate lots of moving around, or to relax a bit more? How will they be dressed, and what will they be comfortable doing? Will they be eating or drinking, and what activity is appropriate for that?

What kind of fun do you want to have with the charity team building event?

There are a few reasons for having fun in addition to team bonding. Are you trying to break up a long day of meetings with a charity event, wrap up your day on a high note, help people get to know each other better, network, or celebrate a success? Each of these outcomes are met in slightly different ways – team bonding activities and charity team building events can be a bit different than hosting a corporate party or celebrating reaching a sales milestone. The more clear you are on what you want out of the activity, the more fun people will have.

Which charity team building activities work at your venue?

Different activities work well in different spaces. Like a pair of shoes, if they don’t fit right, it doesn’t matter how great they are. Rather than trying to make an event fit, find the event that is designed for the space you have. Is your room set classroom style, banquet style, reception style? Our team would be happy to walk you through a few options for whatever space and set-up you have, which helps you save time and money by not needing a completely different layout for your corporate social responsibility activity.

How much time do you have for your charity team building activity?

No one has fun if they are stressed over time. The trick with a great charity team building activity is making sure that it is fast–paced enough to keep it interesting, but without making people feel rushed. About 2 hours seems to be the best range for a charity event, but with the right activity it can go to 3 hours. In a pinch, even 60- 90 minutes can work to break up a long day. Be sure to select an activity that comfortably fits in your event window.

Let us make planning your CSR program more fun!

Planning a charity event to help de-stress your group doesn’t need to cause stress for you. Leave the hard work to us while you relax and take the credit. Contact us  or call us at 404-848-1001 to let us know more about your group and your needs. We will send you 3-6 hand-picked charity team building ideas – that we can run for you – that will leave your group excited and wanting more.

Charity Team Building = Great Team Bonding

Let us give you a fun corporate social responsibility program that also develops teamwork.

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