Fun Team Building Activities in Atlanta

Our fun team building events help teams get to know each other while having a great time.

Through years of experience and thousands of Atlanta groups we have fine-tuned the art and science of helping groups enjoy fun team building activities that build connections, without being cheesy or cute. We only look good if you look good, so we take your fun team building activities very seriously.

Fun Team Building Events - Atlanta

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large group of people cheering that they will donate bicycles from their build a bike charity team building event in Atlanta
Large group celebrating after completing an Atlanta charity team building activity

The Intelligent Design of Atlanta Challenge Fun Team Building Activities

Teamwork development mindset applied to fun activities = engagement & appeal.

We know how people think and interact. More importantly, we know that different challenges and activities appeal to different people. By applying our knowledge of thinking styles, personality preferences, and group dynamics to our fun team building activities, we ensure that there is always something that each person will enjoy in every one of our programs.

Hidden teamwork skills practice gives more value.

All Atlanta Challenge fun team building activities are designed to be team building, not just entertainment. This means that we design programs so participants naturally use many of the teamwork skills they need in the workplace. Activities involve everyone on each team whenever possible. Communication is key, as well as time management, discovering and utilizing the various strengths of team members, and problem solving. We also set up opportunities for cross-team collaboration in many programs.

Team bonding has a multitude of benefits in the workplace. Knowing that your people are also practicing key soft skills bring additional value to the time spent in your fun team building activity.

Adaptable content for the time you really have for fun team building.

From what we have learned, there is only one hard and fast rule about corporate events – rarely does anything go exactly as planned, especially in regard to the schedule.

We design all of our programs with this flexibility in mind so we can better meet your needs. So when your previous session runs late, half the group gets stuck in traffic, or you need to end the fun team building activity early because the boss just asked for more time to talk to the group, we can accommodate and make changes in the moment, usually without the group even knowing anything changed.

We've seen it all in our 20 years of experience, so you can relax.

We have been running team building activities in Atlanta & Georgia since the early 2000’s. Through the course of running over 3,000 programs for thousands of Atlanta organizations and well over a hundred thousand participants, we have encountered just about anything that can happen.

No one is more experienced in team building in Atlanta.

Expert advice so your fun team building fits your group needs.

One reason why our fun team building activities work so well is because we help groups choose the right program for their needs. Some programs work better with certain spaces or room setups. Some activities work very well with a meal, while others don’t. And even though we strive to make some part of every program appeal to every participant, we also know that certain fun team building activities work better than others for certain types of groups.

Let us help you select the best fun team building in Atlanta for your needs. Reach out to us today.

large group of people cheering that they will donate bicycles from their build a bike charity team building event in Atlanta

Make your team event more engaging and memorable with some fun team building activities led by professional team building facilitators.

Fun team building activities are a great way to kick off a meeting, wrap up an event, or energize your group in the middle of a long day (or days!) of meetings. No matter what you are doing with your team, there is a fun activity that fits your situation:

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