Virtual Team Building Activities

Fully-facilitated, live interactive team building events
for groups in multiple locations or working from home.

Virtual team building helps remote workers feel connected.

As the workforce moves more and more to a remote environment, teams are struggling to communicate, focus on the goal, and feel like they are a part of something.  Whether you are looking for virtual team building games or serious team development content delivered to multiple locations, our team is here to help your team get what they need so they can do what they need to do. Look over our options below, or call us to talk about the unlimited number of things we can deliver for a remote team.

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How Fun Virtual Team Building Games Work

Event Design

Our games facilitator will work with you to create an agenda and event content that will allow your group to have the best experience possible.

Live Event Introduction

Meeting in a virtual conference format, our fun and engaging facilitators lead an energizing group warm-up activity, introduce the main event, and show participants how to download the app and play the game.

Game Play

Your facilitator leads the challenges, prompts participants on what to do and when, and how to interact with their teams. For multi-day events, the group will be instructed on how to open timed challenges and interact with other players after the live session.

Post Event Slideshow

We provide you with a website link so your team can view photos and videos from all the teams.

Survey Results

We can load survey questions about the game, how your team is doing, or any other topic you like. The team leader can review replies to gain insight into how the team is doing and where they may need support.

How Virtual Training Works

Small group breakout rooms to discuss content.

Live video conference led by Atlanta Challenge facilitators.


PDF materials sent to each participant.

Groups will...

How We Build a Great Experience for Your Team

Intelligent design and smart delivery

We utilize cutting edge research in thinking styles and personality profiles to deliver solid content that works for all types of people. This ensures that everyone can walk away with something of value, while reaching your specific goals. Your team building event will be intelligent, effective, and practical, and the group will know that you used their time well.

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Fun activities to keep everyone engaged

People learn best when they’re having fun, so we design our team building activities to have plenty of action, laughs, and surprises. Our style is high energy and entertaining, but we’re careful to avoid being cheesy or cute. While your group is laughing and having a good time, they are also building a stronger, more effective team.

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Solid planning so everything goes smoothly

After 15 years and thousands of team building activities in Atlanta & beyond, we’ve seen it all. We help you plan a great program, provide you with clear event details, and offer suggestions whenever we see a potential snag before, during, or after your team building activity. We only look good if you look good, and we’re here to help make sure everything runs smoothly.
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Bonding activities that bring people together

Our team building events give people ample opportunity to mix, mingle, network, and interact with their colleagues. They’ll have a ton of fun together, and we’ll take a ton of pictures for them to enjoy afterwards. Your team will appreciate the great experience that you helped put together for them, the fun team bonding, and the connections they built.

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