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Our fully facilitated retreats provide a powerful framework for team growth.

Use A Team Building Retreat To Upgrade Your Team

A successful team building retreat should be fun and functional: supplying the team with both an opportunity to dig into important issues without distraction, and space to recharge and reconnect. Our fully facilitated retreats provide a powerful framework for team growth, but are flexible enough to incorporate your content and objectives. The longer the retreat, the deeper we can go with the team

New Teams Merged Teams Struggling Teams Next-Level Teams

Whenever a team is formed it is essential to put a solid foundation in place. Without it, the curve to get from forming to storming to norming to performing can take longer and be full of costly mistakes.

When two teams come together, there is an inevitable clash of ideas, values, systems, goals, and culture. This conflict – whether subtle or outspoken – can cause damage to the team's reputation, the loss of good people, and delays in meeting expectations.

Sometimes teams get stuck in a bad place where everything seems harder than it should. Conflicts, mistrust, missed targets, high turnover, and low morale are all signs that things are out of alignment.

Sometimes a team decides that “good enough is no longer good enough.” But how do we get from good to great, or great to amazing? Plateauing can be dangerous for teams – causing them to lose focus, or become stale and lose impact and good people.

But with a clear path forward, a new team can work through the inevitable growing pains more quickly, performing better in a shorter amount of time.

But with a mediated process of bringing the two teams together and facilitating open and constructive conversations, each team can let go of their singular identities and build a unified team.

But with the right process of clearing the air and resetting expectations, a team can get back to healthy functioning, good communication, personal fulfillment, and consistent achievement.

But with the right launch sequence, any team can break through their current level and reach new heights of accomplishment, processes, and impact.

This allows the team to reach their targets, meet expectations, and build a strong brand.

This mutual collaboration brings the merged team “on line” sooner, allowing the work to get done and the team to shine. Good people stay, and the new team functions as a cohesive unit.

This gives the team the energy to meet their goals, support stakeholders, and be seen as a success.

This allows them to achieve greater levels of productivity, recruit top talent, and drive the organization forward.

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The Team Retreat Process

How we create your team building retreat

Every team is different, but there are certain core ingredients every team must have in place. We take the insights gained from the team leader interview and the results from the team survey to craft a program designed to help your team bridge the gap between where they are and where they need to be. An essential part of this process is our “whole-brain” approach to teams.

We all have preferences for different ways of thinking, with the accompanying skills and viewpoints. But to be a solid team, we must bring together all these assets and align them. While most of these ingredients appear self-evident, many teams have not taken the time to clearly define these essential elements. This is where a team building retreat has a significant impact.

Analytical Brain Conceptual Brain

Goals – Clear, compelling, and relevant.
Metrics – Regularly measure performance.
KPIs – Know which stats are vital.
Problem solving – Systematically overcome obstacles.

Vison – Know where we’re going.
Mission – Know why we’re going there.
Strategy – Have a road map for HOW we get there.
Creativity – Have a flexible approach.

Systematic Brain Relational Brain

Standards – Clearly define how the work must be done.
Roles – Agree who is responsible for what.
Accountability – Systems that ensure work is done as agreed.
Delegation – Assign and track responsibilities.

Values – What is most important to the team?
Culture – What environment are we intentionally building?
Conflict resolution – How do we move past friction in a healthy way?
Support – Making sure everyone is getting what they need.

How long should our retreat be?

Your coach-facilitator will work with you to create an agenda that supports your goals and ensures a successful retreat.
Half-Day Full-Day Two-Day

Great for teams that have very busy schedules and can’t be away for long. Best for teams with smaller issues to tackle, or challenges with less complexity and lower emotion.

A full day is appropriate for teams that have a moderate amount of “heavy lifting” to do. Target 2-3 key areas and adequately work through the challenges and create team cohesion around new structure.
This is for teams that have a lot of ground to cover. This time frame allows for a deep dive into a wide range of topics and allows for processing of more personal challenges or aspirations. Big commitment allows for big changes.

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