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Atlanta Teamwork Development

A variety of approaches to fit the needs of your team and your budget.

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Teams are living, breathing entities, with their own beliefs, habits, emotions, culture and skills. A quality team building experience will help a team become more aware of what a great team truly looks like, and inspire them to get closer to that ideal. This training and development process can be done through team building workshops, fun team activities, communication skills, and on-going team coaching.

Different programs will help you to meet different needs on your team. In addition to typical concerns such as space, group size and amount of time, you will also want to consider what types of team you have, where they are in their development cycle, and what specific skills you want them to develop.

Our Atlanta-area teamwork development programs give teams a chance to not only learn more, but to practice their skills in a safe, yet challenging, environment.

Select the category that best describes your team

Teamwork Workshops

These are perfect for groups that are getting together for a meeting, have a specific topic or skill they want to address, or need to get to know each other.

5-500 people

Teamwork Mastery Course

This multi-session process is for teams that need to make a lot of progress; either because of rapid growth, cut-backs, mergers, or they’re just forming.

5-50 people

Team Coaching

For small teams with big goals. Ideal for high-stakes teams that need high level improvement delivered in a time efficient, measurable process.

5-15 people

Team Workshops

Team worksops thumb
Learning essential teamwork skills in a fun and interactive format helps ensure that your people will put those ideas to work to build an even better team.

Team Mastery Course

Coming Soon

Team Coaching

Would you like to see your team work together better, communicate more and get more done?
  • Shawn was a great facilitator and he got people interested through his enthusiasm and great presentation of material. He engaged the team to a point where the participation of the team was positive and the team embraced the opportunity... read more


    Shawn was knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and great at engaging the group. The follow up tips/advice at the end of the session were also helpful. I already shared my experiences with my colleagues and forwarded the catalog of events.


    I would just like to say that today’s experience with Shawn was wonderful! He arrived at the perfect time (we were just wrapping up other exercises), he was energetic, prepared, very accommodating and helpful. We had a few snags... read more

  • Atlanta Challenge just spent a half a day helping our office of 6 team build. It was a very fun event, and we got a lot out of it. We got to see where our team could improve and where... read more


    As with last time, we found the activity to be very value added – we appreciated Shawn’s facilitation.


    Shawn was great! For what we needed, he was perfect. We loved working with you and look forward to more in the future.

    Intuitive Surgical
  • We had a fantastic time with Shawn and the other facilitators! They were great and we learned so much about ourselves.
    I’m sure you will receive more business from us in the future.

    The Coca-Cola Company

    We, along with our leadership, were very pleased with yesterday’s event. Shawn did an exceptional job working with our group! We look forward to future opportunities to work with your organization as well.

    Georgia Department of Driver Services

    Today’s session was outstanding! The shift to focus on the individual with the assessment data was a nice change of pace for the team. I sense that all the prior information and experiences together has now become very... read more

    Cox Enterprises
  • We all loved how Shawn just jumped right in and did not waste time.
    I would like to use you for our annual conference next year. I think your strategy is a great team builder and ice breaker.

    Federal Aviation Administration

    I had a colleague tell me that this was the best team event he's ever attended.


    We would like to express our sincere appreciation and thanks for Atlanta Challenge coming out and executing the teambuilding activity for the Atlanta Housing Authority’s Customer Services Group. In a day filled with highlights, Atlanta Challenge is definitely a... read more

    Atlanta Housing Authority

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When is team development right for a team?

Team development helps a new or merged team start off right

When a team is first formed or teams are merged together to create a new team is the perfect time to get together and work out communication strategies, build an atmosphere of trust, and get focused on what the team is committed to. Working out any kinks in relationships or culture right away lays the groundwork for an amazing team as time goes on.

Use team building to help a group adjust to a new team leader

When a new leader takes over a team, there can be a lot of questions about how the team will move forward. Re-establishing the ground rules for the team and clearly identifying roles and expectations can help the new team leader AND the team get off to a great start together. It also helps develop trust in the new leader, and remind the team how well they can work together.

Refocus a redirected team with a regrouping session

Sometimes teams are given a new mission. This can be stressful, exciting, or some of each. A team building workshop that focuses on how to work together to achieve the new focus, while also supporting each other along the way, can take a lot of the stress out of the transition and get everyone looking forward.

Team building can reassure and refocus a reduced team

Sometimes cut backs happen, and this can be a difficult time for a team. Coming together to work out how the team will conquer this new reality can set a more positive tone and get the team focused on what opportunities they do have, and how to make the situation work for them.

Team building workshops can support a struggling or stressed team

If a team has been under pressure for a long time, has had a lot of turn over, or faced a lot of internal strife it’s a good time fro a team development workshop. This gives everyone a chance to get away from the workplace, get everything out in the open, clear the air and get re-focused on what the team needs to do to move forward in a healthy way. In these team building programs, the content is often focused on trust, communication, and revitalizing the team’s mission.

Empower the pursuit of excellence by improving teamwork skills

Sometimes teams are doing great and want to keep improving their game. As any good team leader knows, team development is an ongoing process if you want to achieve ever-greater accomplishments. Fine-tuning the main categories of teamwork and raising the bar through some insightful content and fun activities are great ways to keep a team’s energy and motivation high.

Get no-obligation team development program ideas and pricing

We have dozens of team building workshops and other team development programs that can help your group on their journey to excellence. To help us save you time by recommending only the most suitable ideas for your group, tell us a bit more about your needs in the form on this page, or by calling us at 404-848-1001. Within 1 business day, we will send you targeted team development ideas we can do with your group in Atlanta or anywhere in Georgia.

Virtual Team Building Activities
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