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Included in Think Like A Team, and iTeam
Optional in: Break Through, Save The Day, Improv, Driven To Succeed, and Apollo 13

Overview – The Thinking Styles Challenge is a fun, interactive way for teams to work together, gain insights into their own thinking styles and better understand how different people can work together for maximum effectiveness.

The Instructional Game – The first step is an interactive card game where participants trade “most descriptive” adjectives on playing cards to better understand the whole-brain theory and how it applies to team interaction. This is a fun introduction to the model, and a way for partici- pants to get to know themselves and their team mates better.

Learning Module – A short walk-through of the Brain Dominance Theory and content is presented to the group. Team members will better understand the 4 major processing areas of the brain and how they effect communication, creativity, brainstorming, problem solving and team success.

Application Phase – The final segment deals with practical applications of the whole brain model and how each individual’s contributions are essential to a successful team. The content is based on the focus of the program (teamwork, goals, change, etc.) and the specific needs of your group. Available topics include:

  • Using Whole Brain Strategic Planning.
  • Understanding the listener’s needs.
  • Maximizing communication.
  • Minimizing misunderstandings.
  • Using and appreciating all thinking styles.
  • Understanding leadership styles.
  • Improving sales & customer service.
  • Dealing with, and managing, change.