What happens if there is bad weather on the day of our outdoor team building event?

When it comes to comfort, this is how we deal with inclement weather: A few days before your event, we look at the weather forecast with you. As long as there is no severe weather predicted, we offer your group 3 options at that point:

  • Run your outdoor program as scheduled. Participants should plan to bring rain gear (for cold: warm coats, gloves and hats; for heat: lots of water) in case the weather does turn out less than optimal.
  • Choose an alternate indoor program to run instead, with no penalty or fee change. Your group would be responsible for having indoor space arranged. This can be at your office, a park pavilion (unless the concern is cold weather), or any other adequate indoor space in metro Atlanta. Before you arrange space, please let us know what indoor program you are planning to use as backup so we can sent you space and room set-up requirements.
  • Reschedule your program to a different date with a 25% reschedule fee.

Your group’s safety is our top priority. If there is severe weather that causes safety concerns on short notice (ice, thunderstorms, tornado watch), we will never run an outdoor program.