Where does Atlanta Challenge do team building events?

Anywhere you need us to be! We have found that most of our clients want us to bring their team building event to the location where their group will already be. Most of our programs can be brought to to the location of your choice: hotels, corporate offices, local parks, school campuses, and more. A few of our programs, such as teamwork hunts and Expedition, have set locations that your group must travel to. We will be sure to let you know before you make a decision! If you are not sure where you would like to have your Atlanta Challenge team building event, ask! We can suggest locations based on the type of experience you would like to have.

Since we are locally owned and operated in Atlanta, most of our programs are in the metro Atlanta area. However, we also frequently bring events to other locations in Georgia, and sometimes travel to provide team building programs in other parts of the U.S. See more about our team building locations and service area here.