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About the Whole-Brain Personal Profiles

Individual Thinking Styles Profile

HBDI – The Herrmann Brain Dominance InstrumentTM is the world’s leading thinking style assessment tool. It identifies your preferred approach to emotional, analytical, structural, and strategic thinking.

How it works: The HBDITM is a 120-question on-line diagnostic survey. Your answers indicate your thinking style preferences. Because it is a self-analysis, most people immediately recognize their results as accurate.

What you get from this: Your personal thinking preferences influence your communication, decision-making, problem solving, and management styles. Understanding your thinking style preferences gives you a new perspective of yourself and others you interact with everyday.

Each personal HBDI package includes:

  • A full color profile,
  • Accompanying materials that explain your profile in detail,
  • A discussion of the implications your profile has on your life, both personally and professionally.

Not just another assessment tool! Twenty years of research and innovation stand behind the validity of the HBDITM. It has been the subject of independent validations, dissertations, scientific papers and case studies. HBDITM picks up where other assessment tools leave off.

Team Thinking Styles Profile

A profile of the entire team is built from a composite of all the individual profiles. This in -depth team profile and analysis provides powerful input to the team leader while maintaining confidentiality.

Team Profile Includes: Visual and informational displays of how the team thinks, processes information and prefers to work. Instantly impactful, the result of this package is a powerful catalyst for discussion and indepth understanding of team effectiveness, as well as the basis for improving communication and performance.

  • Color data displays,
  • In depth data analysis of your team,
  • Views of members’ similarities,
  • Team strengths index,
  • Potential points of conflict.


$135 per person
$350 per team