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Why Challenge-Based Team Building Works

The primary goal of team building is to help a group of people to willingly support each other in order to reach a common goal. This takes well developed teamwork skills, common purpose and personal bonding. The power of challenge-based team building is that it enhances all three at the same time.

Teamwork Skills

Our programs create challenges that require groups to come together, using everyone’s skills and efforts to accomplish the task. They must communicate ideas, share leadership and give each other feedback. The real value of this is that the way we deal with these challenges is the way we deal with workplace challenges. If we have areas where we need new tools for success, we find out before they’re exposed under pressure on the job. These lessons are learned at a deep level, and applied immediately, making them endure in the real world.

Common Purpose

The only way a team can reach a common goal is for everyone to know what that goal is, and to pull together to reach it. Team members discover that even if they don’t totally agree with a goal, it’s better for the team, and them individually, to support the common objective. Often the strongest sense of purpose comes from being committed to each other’s success.

Personal Bonding

We bond with people for one of three reasons: they are people we have been through good times with; they are people we have been through hard times with; they are people we share a vision with. Challenge-based training creates an environment where people get to do all three! We make the events fun and exciting so that people will talk about them for years to come. We make them challenging so that people will reach out of their comfort zones and stretch themselves. And, we help your team rededicate themselves to the team goal by creating situations where they must fully trust and rely on each other to be successful.

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