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Teams are living, breathing entities, with their own beliefs, habits, emotions, culture and skills. A quality team building experience will help a team become more aware of what a great team truly looks like, and inspire them to get closer to that ideal. This training and development process can be done through team building workshops, fun team activities, intensive team retreats, and on-going team coaching.

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When Does Team Building Help?

Team building events help a new or merged team start off right.

When a team is first formed, or groups are merged to create a new team, is the perfect time to get together and work out communication strategies, build an atmosphere of trust, and get focused on what the team is committed to. Working out any kinks in relationships or culture right away lays the groundwork for an amazing team as time goes on.

Team building workshops can support a struggling or stressed team.

If a team has been under pressure for a long time, has had a lot of turn over, or faced a lot of internal strife, it’s a good time for a team development workshop. This gives everyone a chance to get away from the workplace, get any issues out in the open, clear the air and get re-focused on what the team needs to do to move forward in a healthy way. In these team building programs, the content is often focused on trust, communication, and revitalizing the team’s mission.

Use team building to help a group adjust to a new team leader.

When a new leader takes over a team, there can be a lot of questions about how the team will move forward. Re-establishing the ground rules for the team and clearly identifying roles and expectations can help the new team leader AND the group get off to a great start together. It also helps develop trust in the new leader, and remind the team how well they can work together.

Empower the pursuit of excellence by improving teamwork skills.

Sometimes teams are doing great and want to keep improving their game. As any good leader knows, team development is an ongoing process if you want to achieve ever-greater accomplishments. Fine-tuning the main categories of teamwork and raising the bar through insightful content, fun activities, and consistent refinement are great ways to keep a team’s energy and motivation high.

Refocus a redirected team with a regrouping session.

Sometimes teams are given a new mission. This can be stressful, exciting, or some of each. A team building retreat or workshop that focuses on how to work together to achieve the new focus, while also supporting each other along the way, can take a lot of the stress out of the transition and get everyone looking forward.

Team building can reassure and refocus a reduced team.

Sometimes cut backs happen, which can be a difficult time for a team. Coming together to work out how the team will conquer this new reality - and strengthen bonds between remaining teammates - can set a more positive tone and get everyone focused on what opportunities they do have, and how to make the situation work for them.

Why Atlanta Challenge Team Building Works

Each one of our team building programs is designed for maximum effectiveness using the elements of the Teamwork Compass®, a whole-brain model for team excellence. This ensures not only that our programs address all 4 areas necessary for your team to succeed, but that the program appeals to all members of your group and everyone is more likely to benefit. Read more about the 4 main focus areas of the Teamwork Compass® and why it has such an impact.