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How to achieve consistent and measurable growth in team performance.

All Live Teamwork Courses are currently conducted remotely.

We asked a group of team leaders “If you could change one thing about how your team operates, what would it be?” Here’s what they said:

  • Gain knowledge and continuously improve.
  • Use time more efficiently.
  • Become better at change management.
  • More communication flow.
  • Greater internal collaboration.
  • Take more ownership and responsibility.

How Teams Get Better

Everyone Knows Their Strengths

We all do better when we play to our strengths. When each member of the team knows their strong suit, and appreciates everyone else’s, they see each other’s strength as resources, not as quirks to tolerate.

Everyone Uncovers Their Blind Spots

We all have rough edges. When each person identifies that “one thing” that is frustrating to the team, or the thing they are NOT doing, life gets a lot easier, and the team gets dramatically more effective.

They Build A Strong Foundation

The secret to a great is not to just work harder (although that helps). A great team uses all of their resources to full advantage, and never takes things for granted. A great team has four basic needs. Without them, they go in circles.

They Hold Each Other Accountable

To be a truly amazing team you need to create a culture where people are inspired to do their best work consistently. Teams don’t happen by accident; they are developed and elevated over time.

They Give and Get Consistent Feedback

Learning new ideas is fine, but it usually leads to overwhelm and a return to the status quo. But with a consistent system of feedback and accountability real change can happen, and be measured.


Is your team struggling with:

  • A lack of good communication?
  • A lack of trust?
  • A lack of accountability?
  • Not enough clarity?
  • People just getting by rather than fully committed?
  • People defending how things used to be done?

What if there was an efficient and measurable way to make things better?

What your leaders will take away from this course.

Know what their unique strengths are, and how to maximize them.

Appreciate the contributions of each team member.

Clearly identify anything that’s holding the team back.

An understanding of the foundations of a great team.

How to effectively trouble-shoot any issues that arise on their team.

A process for maintaining consistent growth.

How we help teams get better, stay better, and keep improving.

Personal thinking styles assessment that identifies their strengths and style.

A unique 360 process that is efficient and identifies the most beneficial area for each person on the team to develop.

Our Teamwork Compass model that gives teams a blueprint for creating an amazing team culture.

A team diagnostic tool so the group knows exactly what they need to put the most attention on.

A powerful but simple team coaching process to maintain momentum and measure progress.

Course modules

These modules can be delivered in a single immersive experience or spread out over time to allow for integrating the material more thoroughly.

WIIFM Pre-Work

Welcome Kit: Each team member receives a powerful self-study packet and video that helps them identify why it is important for the team to do better, and how it will benefit them so that they are fully committed to the process for their own reasons.

Thinking Styles Assessment: Each participant completes a comprehensive assessment of their thinking style. This reveals how they handle different situations, how they interact others, what works best for them, and what stresses them out. This is the foundational ingredient for the entire program. Assessment takes about 20 minutes via an on-line portal.

Module 1: Personal Strengths & Style

Each participant gains a greater understanding of how they operate, what works for them, and what causes them stress. They also gain an appreciation for the strengths of their team mates and how to best support them.

Module 2: Uncover Blind spots

By utilizing a combination of self-assessment and peer feedback, participants clearly identify one key area to improve that will support the team, and develop a support system for consistent progress.

Module 3: Teamwork Compass®

We discuss the core elements of a successful team, and look at how well the team is currently performing in each essential area. A game plan is established to move the team forward.

Module 4: Team Self-Mentoring

The team learns a process for self-mentoring; where they select one area to improve at a time, and hold each other accountable for making progress in that area.

Mastermind Sessions:

Each month your team meets with our coach virtually to share successes, get support on any challenges, and hold each other accountable to their goals. Led by our expert team coaches, and supported with additional materials and videos, these short, focused and impactful sessions are the “secret sauce” to creating lasting, measurable change.

Who this course is for:

Teams that have important work to do and need to be their best.

Teams that don’t have a lot of time for training.

Teams who have been through a lot of training and now need something results driven.

Teams that want to bring out the best in their people.

Teams who are brave enough to look at their own behaviors and take responsibility for them.

Teams who are willing to hold themselves and each other accountable for 30 seconds a day, 5 minutes a week, and 30 minutes a month.

Who this course is NOT for:

Teams who think the problem is everyone else.

Teams that can’t handle honest feedback and proactive decisions.

Teams with disengaged leaders that are not willing to be a part of the process.

Shawn Clark, President of Atlanta Challenge, LLC

Shawn Clark – Certified Teamwork & Leadership Coach

I have worked with leaders and their teams for over 25 years, and I’ve seen it all. And I confess, I would deliver programs that people loved, but I knew that things would go back to the way they were within days, or even hours, after I left. The trick is this; changing people’s behavior is hard. Getting people to change their behavior long-term is even harder. For a team to do better consistently over time, they need to operate differently. The good news is that all they need are a few core concepts to focus on, not 101 rules that will be overwhelming and soon forgotten.

After years of searching and trying out various approaches, I found an effective method of team coaching that is simple, time-efficient, cost-effective, and delivers MEASURABLE results on a long-term basis. When I first heard about it, it sounded too good to be true. So I did my homework. I read the reviews. I examined the research behind the method. I talked with leaders that have done it. I became a believer. I went through the certification process and I have tested it with groups. The results are fantastic. Teams appreciate the simplicity of the system and the impact it has on their team.

Quite simply, it works IF you work it. If you are willing to put in the up-front effort and stick with the process, you will be thrilled by the change you will see

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